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  • The Difference Between Waxing Male and Female Clients

    When it comes to waxing, it really doesn’t matter if your client is male or female… or does it? After all, waxing’s waxing, right? Unfortunately, many inexperienced waxers take this attitude when the truth is there are some fundamental differences you need to be aware of. As a provider of high-qu... View Post
  • Creating A Comfortable Waxing Experience

    When you’re in the waxing and spa field, you know there are a lot of subtleties that go into creating a great waxing experience. There’s the décor, the lighting, the sounds, and the smells. You want your clients to enjoy themselves and relax. Of course, using high-quality hair removal supplies ca... View Post
  • Waxing Tips & Facts - Phases of hair growth

    As a professional waxer, there’s more to know than where to buy waxing supplies. You need to know how to make your client’s comfortable, how to set up a relaxing waxing environment, and which supplies work best for different skin types. It’s also important to understand the different phases of ha... View Post
  • The Waxing Facts Nobody Likes To Talk About

    The Waxing Facts Nobody Likes To Talk About  There are a lot of myths and confusion about waxing. Will it make your hair grow back thicker? Will it hurt? Whether you’re new to waxing or a seasoned pro, there are mysteries about waxing that no one really has an answer to… until now. Here are a few... View Post
  • The truth about Waxing Side Effects

    When you go to a waxing session, you expect to leave smooth and hairless after being waxed by a professional using quality waxing supply, but you may leave with other things too.  You’d never dream that minutes, hours or days later you could experience bumps, ingrown hairs, or bruising, but these... View Post