The Waxing Facts Nobody Likes To Talk About

The Waxing Facts Nobody Likes To Talk About 

There are a lot of myths and confusion about waxing. Will it make your hair grow back thicker? Will it hurt? Whether you’re new to waxing or a seasoned pro, there are mysteries about waxing that no one really has an answer to… until now. Here are a few tips and facts to help you understand exactly how it works. 

Will my hair grow back thicker after getting waxed?

This is probably the most common waxing myth. No, your hair does not grow back thicker after you get waxed. In fact, waxing actually makes your hair grown back thinner, and after years of waxing can even cause the hair follicles to quit growing hair altogether.

We’ve heard the horror stories about waxing, but seriously - how much will it hurt?

When you see someone gets waxed for the first time in movies or on TV, it’s a traumatic event, filled with screams and pain. That’s not real life. When a professional waxer is using professional waxing supplies, the process is quite painless. Most people feel a quick, stinging sensation that goes away quickly after the wax is removed. 

Can a waxing technician use the same applicator more than once? Is it OK? 

There are some waxers who will reuse their applicator and waxing supplies. There is a school of thought that the wax is hot enough to kill the bacteria, but this particular waxing myth can be extremely dangerous. If your waxer double-dips your applicator, then they double-dip all of their applicators, leaving behind bacteria and skin that can be transferred to their next client. 

Using the same applicator twice may be an attempt to save on waxing supplies, but it’s unhygienic and can lead to infections.

There are a lot of times when you might wonder if you should keep your waxing appointment, or wait until next week. Here are some common examples.

Is it ok, if:

I get waxed while having ingrown hairs

    It’s better to wait until your ingrown hairs have healed before waxing again because the wax can lift the skin, leading to infections and further irritation.

    If I do my waxing having a sunburn

      If you have a sunburn or have had a lot of sun exposure, skip the waxing. Not only will it irritate your skin; it can even cause further damage. Especially if you use Soft Wax which tends to remove the already sensible layer of your skin.

      I’m having my period, but I need waxing

        When you’re having your period, your skin is extra sensitive so getting waxed at this time will be more painful, especially if you’re getting a Brazilian or bikini wax. If that doesn’t faze you, make sure you wear adequate protection for your period.

        Waxing while pregnant

          Absolutely! When you’re pregnant your skin is slightly more sensitive than normal so it can be a little more painful, but other than that there’s no reason to avoid waxing while pregnant.



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