The Difference Between Waxing Male and Female Clients

When it comes to waxing, it really doesn’t matter if your client is male or female… or does it? After all, waxing’s waxing, right? Unfortunately, many inexperienced waxers take this attitude when the truth is there are some fundamental differences you need to be aware of.

As a provider of high-quality hair removal supplies, Best Beauty Solution wants to help you deliver the best results for all of your clients, regardless of gender.

That’s why we think it’s important for all professional waxers to know the difference and what steps to take to help you succeed. One of the biggest differences between waxing men and women is the level of comfort your client has in a waxing environment. Many women have been visiting waxing salons since they were teenager girls, but the same isn’t true for teenage boys.

This can cause some trepidation from your male clients, especially if it’s their first time visiting a professional waxer. To help make the process more comfortable, start with a consultation and discuss every step of the waxing process. Find out their body hair goals, and develop a clear plan with your client so that they know you’re on the same page. Most importantly, be sure to treat your male clients with the same respect you’d offer your female clients. While waxing may be a new experience, you want it to be as pleasant as possible.

Another difference between waxing men and women is that men tend to be hairier. Because it could take longer to remove all the hair, you may want to use hair removal supplies that are designed for sensitive skin.

This will reduce the risk of rashes and will allow you to get better results. Another issue when dealing with thicker hair is that it limits where wax should be used. Most professional waxers limit their male services to the chest, back, and arms. Some waxers will also include male bikini or Brazilian waxes on their menu of services. If you feel comfortable with this and take the same precautions you would when providing a female Brazilian wax, this waxing experience should go smoothly.

The last, and perhaps biggest difference between waxing men and women is the aftercare. After undergoing a waxing session with first-class hair removal supplies, it’s important to advise your male clients to use an exfoliator on the area that was waxed in order to prevent ingrown hairs between waxes. There are also hair softening lotions and creams that can be useful at preventing ingrown hairs as well.

When it comes to waxing male and female clients, the differences are minor.

As long as you’re using quality hair removal supplies from a company like Best Beauty Solution and maintain your professional standards, the process should be identical to waxing either women or men.

And because some salons prefer not to serve men, adding male waxing to your menu can help you gain new customers and expand your business.  

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