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  • Nanda Quero - Beauty Professional

  • Are you ready to become a beauty professional?

    All you need to know to become a certified waxing professional or esthetician. 

    You have a passion for beauty and you want to make a living out of it?  Here’s the place to start. 

     Being a beauty professional is an excellent choice to work on your own flexible schedule and make good money. 

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  • Are You Ready to Use Wax Strips?

    When it comes to at-home body waxing, you have a lot of different options. At Best Beauty Solution, we have a large variety of hard and soft waxes, pre- and post-wax gels and lotions, plus waxing kits that contain everything you need to stay super smooth. If you’re new to waxing, this can all be a little overwhelming. That’s where ready to use wax strips come in. They’re quick, convenient, and let you experiment with body wax without having to make a big investment.
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  • Facial Waxing Tips

    For many of us, facial hair can be embarrassing. That’s where facial waxing comes in. It’s a better alternative to shaving, can keep your skin hair-free for weeks at a time, and can help you feel more confident as you face the world. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your facial waxing session.


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  • The Best Wax Is Depimiel Wax

    When it comes to body waxing, there are so many options to choose from. Should you use a hard wax or a soft wax? Which formula is best for your skin type? Do you really need a wax warmer or can you use a microwave? All of these questions are important to have answered before you start waxing, but one thing many people don’t consider is how natural the wax they’re using is. And we hear you - “I’ve heard that natural waxes aren’t as effective.” That may be true of other brands, but when you use a natural wax like Depimiel wax, you’ll get great results without using harsh ingredients.

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