• Men Soft Waxing Wax - At Home Waxing Kit

Men Refill At Home Waxing Kit (6 Soft Wax Roll On) Waxing Supplies


This home waxing kit is perfect for the anyone who already has our Depimiel Roll-On Warmer and just wants to refill their waxing supplies. Easily restock your Depimiel Roll-On wax or try a new formula along with a new set of body strips in one single step.


 MEN refill waxing kit includes:

6 Units of Depimiel Men Soft Wax Roll On (3.52 oz each) with azulene, for a soothing, decongestant and restorative effect on the skin’s tissues.

    1 Non-Woven Body Strips (100 units) Pre-cut, highly resistant, durable paper especially developed for hair removal that helps speed up the waxing process allowing for a less painful, more comfortable experience. 

    Note: to properly use this kit a Depimiel Warmer device is needed to heat the wax. This device is not included, but can be purchase here.


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