Soft Wax for Waxing | Best Beauty Solution  | Waxing Supplies

Soft Wax for Waxing | Best Beauty Solution | Waxing Supplies

Soft Wax is the easiest way to remove unwanted hair. Perfect for large body parts and Brazilian Waxing.


Soft Waxes, are specially formulated to be used on large body parts, since it is less prone to break compared to Hard Waxes. Usually, applied in thinner layers than hard waxes, Soft Wax requires muslin or cloth strips to remove wax once it dry. Soft Wax is the preferred type of wax for Brazilian Waxing since it is less painful for most people. Depimiel’s Soft Waxes, attach to the hair and not the skin reducing irritation and discomfort. 


Pros and Cons of Soft Wax?


  • Soft Wax works better in large areas, like arms and legs.

  • Soft Wax tend to work better than Hard Wax on thinner hair.

  • Soft Wax tends to adhere to the skin more than hard wax exfoliating skin.

  • Soft Wax, should not be applied on the same place twice since its removes a layer of external skin.

  • Soft Wax requires a special device to heat the wax which can varies among brands.

  • Usually, Soft Wax has a cheaper price per ounce than Hard Wax.


      Our Special Soft Wax formulation for At Home or Professional Waxing 

      • All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients.

      • Suitable for all type of skin, even sensitive skin.

      • Gentle yet efficient hair removal.

      • No breakage due to its high elasticity.

      • Available in multiples fragrances.

      • Melts at low temperature 149º F.

      • Requires cloth strips for removal.


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