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Hard Wax specially designed for waxing small areas with oversensitivity like the bikini line, eyebrows, upper lip and face.


Hard Waxes, in general, are known because they do not require muslin or cloth strips to be removed the wax once it dry. Normally, Hard Wax gets better results when used in small areas, compared to Soft Waxes. 

When waxing the face, hard wax is generally used. Another, instance where Hard Wax is prefered by hair removal professionals is for regular bikini line as well as any other areas with oversensitivity. A good Hard Wax, like Depimiel's Hard Waxes, should attach to the hair and not the skin reducing irritation and discomfort.


Pros and Cons of Hard Wax?


  • Hard Wax works better for shorter hair than other wax types.

  • Hard Wax works better in small areas.

  • Hard Wax can be applied twice on the same spot since it shouldn't peel the skin

  • Hard Wax is easier to clean after waxing, since it leaves less residues than other waxes.

  • Hard Wax doesn't need strips/cloth to be removed.

  • Hard Wax may be more challenging to manage than Soft Wax.


      Our Special Hard Wax formulation for At Home or Professional Waxing


      • All our products are made with 100% natural ingredients

      • Free of dyes and perfumes

      • Ideal for Sensitive Skin

      • Hypoallergenic and Paraffin Free

      • Melts at Lower Temperature reducing risk of burns

      • Suitable for facial and bikini line waxing


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