• Soft Waxing Roll-On Wax Warmer by DEPIMIEL - Waxing Supplies
  • Soft Waxing Roll-On Wax Warmer by DEPIMIEL - Waxing Supplies

Soft Waxing Roll-On Wax Warmer by DEPIMIEL - Waxing Supplies


Roll-On Wax Warmer is a fast and efficient wax heating method developed specially for those who want safety and convenience without compromising beauty.

With its unique temperature control, the Waxing Roll-On Warmer reaches the optimum temperature for hair removal (Max. 149 °F/ 65 °C) making it more tolerable to the touch and doesn’t burn the skin. Our Roll-On Warmer automatically stops heating the wax once its reached it ideal temperature

DEPIMIEL WARMER For Waxing Roll-On System

  • Heats Fast
  • Automatic Temperature control that stops heating the wax once it reach the ideal temperature
  • Specially designed for Ultra Low Depimiel Waxing Roll-Ons
  • Warmer has a unique feature where it reaches a max of 149 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the optimum temperature for the hair removal process. It doesn't burn the skin and its tolerable to the touch.
  • 120 volts
  • 1 Year Warranty

 Warmer Roll-On Instructions of Use:

  • Insert and heat Soft Wax Roll-on on the warmer unit for 25-30 min.
  • Clean skin with DEPIMIEL Pre-Waxing Lotion.
  • Unlatch Roll-on by sliding it over a DEPIMIEL Waxing paper strip until it runs easily.
  • Apply wax over the skin in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Apply waxing cloth over the waxed area and rub.
  • With one hand keep the skins stretched and with the other pull waxing cloth firmly in the direction against the growth of the hair.
  • Use Waxing Moisturizing Oil Remover to eliminate possible wax residues
  • Apply  Post-Waxing Gel Lotion to attenuate skin sensibility.



 Before using this product for the first time, carefully read the recommendations and instructions described in the user’s manual. ALLWAYS follow the instructions and recommendations. Roll-on depilatory system - Do not expose you to direct sun or sun tanning bed 48 hours before and after hair removal. Always pull waxing cloth parallel and as close to the skin as possible. Do not remove waxing cloth pulling up perpendicular to skin since it may cause bruises. Do not use for shaving. Do not use products that contain alcohol before and after hair removal because they may cause irritation of the skin. Not recommended for pregnant women, children, elderly, and diabetics or after surgery. Do not apply on mucous or surrounding areas; do not apply over wounded, irritated, injured, swollen, varicose veins areas or any area that presented adverse reaction to waxing in the past. Do not apply more than twice in the same area. Allow at least 15 days between uses in the same area because the hair will not have enough length for removal. This product was developed and tested for hair removal but some skins may be sensitive, before use try in a small area. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with the eyes seek specialized medical assistance. Do not heat in microwaves or in bain-marie. For professional use. For external use. 

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