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waxup Microwave Hard Wax Kit, Aloe Vera, 3 Pots of 7 Ounces with 8 Wax Sticks Medium and Large


waxup Aloe Vera Microwaveable Hard Wax with wooden applicators 

This hair removal wax melts in seconds and it is stripless.

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Ease your home waxing sessions with waxup microwave hard wax kits. Great for small areas and touch-ups. The stripless wax Aloe vera blend it is one of the most effective, easy to use, convenient and strongest formula to remove unwanted facial hair on the chin, upper lip, eyebrows, ears and body coarse hair in areas like the bikini line, underarms, chest, back, legs, fingers, and toes.


  • 3 Pot of waxup Aloe Vera Microwave hard wax 7 oz,
  • 8 large (3/4"x6") wooden waxing sticks
  • 8 medium (1/4"x 5 1/2") wooden waxing sticks

leg wax hair removal women microwavable microwavable aloe vera remover sticks stripless home clean


  • before you start your waxing session make sure your skin is clean.
  • remove lid and plastic mixer from pot. place pot in microwave and heat 1 minute.
  • carefully take pot out, stir wax with mixer until all the wax has a creamy consistency. if wax is not melted enough, reheat in 20 second intervals until right consistency is reached.
  • using a wax stick, test hot wax temperature on small area of forearm.
  • with a waxing stick, apply a uniform thick layer of wax over the area, make sure you apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth.
  • wait till wax has hardened and not sticky to touch, lift the end of the layer and pull the wax back in a quick movement, in the opposite direction to application (peel parallel to skin – NOT UP) and as close to the skin as possible. discard applied wax layer.
  • repeat until you’re happily hairless just be kind to your skin, don’t apply more than twice on same area, reheat the wax when needed…enjoy your success!

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