What Should Be In Every Home Waxing Kit?

If you’re new to home waxing, you may wonder what you need to get started. At Best Beauty Solution, we make it easy with our home waxing kits. They give you exactly what you need to get the results you’re looking for, and by bundling them all together you’re sure to save time and money. Let’s take a look. 

Here at Best Beauty Solution, we have a variety of home waxing kits for you to choose from. The most basic sets, our starter kits, all have three different components:


 1. Six units of Depimiel Soft Wax Roll-On 3.52oz

You can choose from our selection of blends, which includes original formula, high contact with honey, passion fruit, papaya, black, dark skin, chocolate, or soft. We even have a special starter kit designed for men.

2. One hundred Non-Woven Body Strips

These strips are pre-cut from highly resistant, durable paper that was especially developed for hair removal. By using these strips, you’ll have a shorter, less painful waxing session.

3. Roll On Warmer

Before you begin waxing, it’s important to make sure your wax is heated to the right temperature. Under or over heating can result in burns, ripped skin, and sensitized skin. With our roll on warmer, your wax will be heated to the perfect temperature so you can remove your hair without the risk of injury.
Along with our starter kits, we also provide refills for our home waxing kits. They come with everything in the starter kits except for the warmer.
If you’re looking for even more in a home waxing kit, look to our professional line. This kit includes six units of Depimiel Soft Wax Roll-On 3.52oz, a 55 yard non-woven cloth roll, and the soft roll-on warmer plus our pre-waxing lotion, our almond oil moisturizing remover, and our post-waxing gel. We also offer a refill of this kit, which again comes with everything except the warmer.
Whether you’re new to home waxing or if you’re an experienced pro, our home waxing kits provide you with everything you need – all in one box! Best of all, we’ll have it delivered straight to your door so you don’t have to waste time making a trip to your local beauty shop. Instead, just place your order on our website and we’ll handle the rest.
We know how important it is to provide our customers with the highest quality products on the market. With our home waxing kits, we’re happy to give our customers more options to choose from so that they can safely and easily wax at home. Place your order today and discover the difference at Best Beauty Solution.

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