At Home Waxing Like a Pro, Waxing Kits for Home Use

At home waxing interest has increased more than 410% since 2009, Google Trends, as a result, many Americans are keen to buy and discover new ways to do waxing by themselves. As a result of this trend, new At Home and Professional Kit are available in the market for at home waxing. The real question is, would you be able to do your waxing like a Pro?

Whether you’re a home waxer or an experienced professional, when you purchase a waxing kit, you should trust that you’re getting high-quality products that deliver professional results. Our kits were designed to give you everything you need, and nothing you don’t, so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for and start waxing like a pro. 

At Best Beauty Solution, we offer a wide variety of waxing kits that include supplies like non-woven strips, pre-depilatory lotion, and post-depilatory gel.

Here is a more detailed look at the body waxing supplies found in our at home waxing kits:

- Depimiel Soft Wax Roll-On (3.52oz) – This soft wax it 100% natural. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and effective at removing hair from all over the body.

- Non-Woven Body Strips – Our non-woven body strips are highly-resistance and durable, making the hair removal process faster and less painful. 

- Depimiel’s Oil Moisturizing Remover – The perfect way to remove wax residue, this almond-based oil hydrates the skin and eliminates wax without leaving an oily feeling behind.

- Depimiel’s Post-Depilatory Gel– After getting waxed, it’s common for skin to be extra sensitive. This post-depilatory gel contains soothing chamomile and refreshing menthol to cool the skin and add moisture.

- Depimiel’s Pre-Depilatory Lotion– Before waxing any area, it’s important that it’s been properly cleaned. This lotion helps with that step by not only cleansing the skin, but also softening it for better wax adherence and removal of hair.

- The Depimiel Warmer Bivolt  This warmer was specially designed with a unique feature that raises the wax to the optimal temperature of 149º Fahrenheit. That way the wax is tolerable to the touch but not hot enough to burn the skin.


Depending on which kit you choose, you can try all of these products or just a few. Either way, they will make waxing easier, either at home or in the salon. Explore our website and see all of your options. You can take your pick from our Professional and At Home Waxing Kits.


By splitting our kits into these levels, we’re able to offer the variety and amount of body waxing supplies you’re looking for. 

So instead of adding each piece individually, you can trust that these products are compatible and will work in a home or professional setting.

Finding great body waxing supplies should be easy, and at Best Beauty Solution we’re going even further by offering kits that contain everything you need to wax like a pro, even if you’re an amateur.



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