The Perfect Waxing Kit For You

When you want smooth skin at a great price, Best Beauty Solutions is the place for you. With our low prices on home waxing kits, you can stock up on waxing supplies and sample products you haven’t tried before. Let’s break it down. 

Starter At Home Waxing Kit - Refill

The Basic Kit with Warmer contains 6 units of Depimiel soft wax roll on (3.52 oz), 100 non woven body strips, and the Depimiel Warmer Bivolt, which was specially designed with a unique feature that raises the wax to its optimal temperature of 149º Fahrenheit, making it tolerable to the touch but never hot enough to burn. This kit is perfect for a man or woman who is new to home waxing and wants a starting but complete set that’s safe and easy to use. 

Starter At Home Waxing Kit - Refill

With six units of Depimiel soft wax roll on (3.52 oz), and 100 high resistance, non-woven body strips, this kit is ideal for men and women who want to restock theirs at home waxing stash. Essential consumable waxing supplies without the Warmer.

Professional Waxing Kit

Go beyond the starter kit with the Professional Waxing Kit, including a Soft Wax Warmer. Building on the Basic supplies, it includes 6 units of Depimiel soft wax roll on (3.52 oz) and 55 yards Roll of Non Woven body strips, plus Depimiel’s oil moisturizing remover (8, 12 Fl oz), made from an almond oil base to remove residue post waxing, Depimiel’s Gel Post-Depilatory (8, 45 oz), which soothes skin and reduces sensitivity with chamomilla and menthol, and Depimiel’s Lotion Pre-Depilatory (8, 12 oz) that cleans and softens the skin before waxing begins.    

Professional Waxing Kit - Refill

All the consumables that you need to serve your customers, Soft Wax, Moisturizer, Pre and Post depilatory Gel and a 55 yards Roll-On Non-Woven. This kit doesn't include the Warmer.

So whether you’re a man or woman who is new to at home waxing, an aesthetician who wants to branch out, or a salon owner who needs to restock, at Best Beauty Solutions we have the perfect waxing kit for you. Explore all of your options, then place your order today!

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