The Best Wax Is Depimiel Wax

When it comes to body waxing, there are so many options to choose from. Should you use a hard wax or a soft wax? Which formula is best for your skin type? Do you really need a wax warmer or can you use a microwave? All of these questions are important to have answered before you start waxing, but one thing many people don’t consider is how natural the wax they’re using is. And we hear you - “I’ve heard that natural waxes aren’t as effective.”

That may be true of other brands, but when you use a natural wax-like Depimiel wax, you’ll get great results without using harsh ingredients.

What makes Depimiel wax special is that it’s made from 100% natural ingredients.

With papaya, honey, passion fruit, dark chocolate, rose hips, vitamins, and more, Depimiel wax is designed to work gently and effectively without sensitizing your skin. With nine soft wax roll-on formulas, you can find a blend that removes coarse hair, infuses your skin with antioxidants, or restores your natural glow.

The best part is our starter kit provides everything you need in the blend you choose so you can use our specially designed wax warmer and non-woven strips and get the cleanest, smoothest skin you’ve ever experienced.

If you’re interested in Depimiel Wax but don’t know where to start, our selection of microwavable waxes may be right for you.

These pots of wax come with a small reusable spatula for easy application and are available in three different blends.         

Another option for home waxing is our hard wax. It’s best for small areas like the bikini line or eyebrows. 100% natural, these waxes are free from dyes, perfumes, and paraffin. They’re also hypoallergenic and melt at lower temperatures than soft waxes so it’s easy to avoid burns.  

When it comes to natural beauty products, nothing beats Depimiel Wax. With 100% natural ingredients, we offer a wide variety of wax types and blends.

Plus, we also have everything you need for your pre- and post-wax clean up so you’ll get better wax adhesion and the smoothest results.

At Best Beauty Solution, we only offer Depimiel Wax. 

We haven’t found another natural waxing line like it and are proud to give our customers high-quality products that don’t use harsh chemicals, perfumes, dyes, or other unnatural ingredients that can cause your skin to become sensitized or irritated.

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