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  • Waxing Tips & Facts - Phases of hair growth

    As a professional waxer, there’s more to know than where to buy waxing supplies. You need to know how to make your client’s comfortable, how to set up a relaxing waxing environment, and which supplies work best for different skin types. It’s also important to understand the different phases of ha... View Post
  • The truth about Waxing Side Effects

    When you go to a waxing session, you expect to leave smooth and hairless after being waxed by a professional using quality waxing supply, but you may leave with other things too.  You’d never dream that minutes, hours or days later you could experience bumps, ingrown hairs, or bruising, but these... View Post
  • Body Waxing Supplies For The Smoothest Summer Ever

    It’s finally summer! Time to put away those cold weather clothes and get ready for the beach. But wait – have your clients been hibernating all winter? Help them get bikini ready with professional body waxing supplies from Best Body Solution. With professional waxing kits from Depimiel, you’ll ha... View Post
  • What To Ask Your Clients Before Waxing Session

    Waxing is an extremely personal experience as it involves someone touching you in some of your most delicate parts. As a professional waxer, you’re responsible for making this experience as positive as possible, and to do that you need some information from your clients. View Post
  • At Home Waxing Like a Pro, Waxing Kits for Home Use

    At home waxing interest has increased more than 410% since 2009, Google Trends, as a result, many Americans are keen to buy and discover new ways to do waxing by themselves. As a result of this trend, new At Home and Professional Kit are available in the market for at home waxing. The real questi... View Post