Mistakes To Avoid With At Home Waxing

Waxing at home is a great option for many people.

Whether you’re trying to save money by purchasing your own esthetician waxing supplies, or you’re tired of going to the salon, there are countless benefits to at-home body waxing; however, there are also some risks. Here are some common at home waxing mistakes you should know about so that you can avoid them. 

Leaving Hair Too Short or Too Long before waxing

When you wax at home, you need your hair to be between 1/8 and 1/4 inch long. Any longer or shorter and your wax won’t properly adhere to your hair. If you’ve been growing your hair out for some time, you may need to trim them down before applying your waxing supplies.

Improperly Heating The Wax

One of the most important steps to an at-home waxing is heating the wax to the right temperature. If it’s too hot, it will burn you. Too cold and it won’t work. To find the right temperature, test the wax on the back of your wrist. For a more reliable method, you can find a wax warmer, like the Soft Wax Roll-On Warmer by Depimiel, which will heat the wax to a maximum of 149 degrees to prevent burns and keep you safe.

Buying Cheap Waxing Supplies

When it comes to esthetician waxing supplies, quality matters. Sure, you can go to your local pharmacy and find inexpensive wax or pre-waxed strips, but these products are questionable at best. A better idea is to visit Best Beauty Solution’s website to find high-quality waxing products from a reputable source.

Skipping The Proper Prep Before Waxing

There are many things to do before you wax your skin. First, you need to wash and exfoliate the areas you’re waxing. Then, you need to dry your skin and avoid lotions or oils. After that, you have to gather your at home waxing supplies and begin heating your wax, making sure your skin is completely dry before you start. Without these steps, you won’t get the waxing results you’re looking for. 

Over Applying Depilatory Wax

A really common mistake people make when at home waxing is using too much wax on their skin, which will not only leave you with a big mess but also consume your waxing supplies without a valid reason. After you apply the right amount of wax, it really doesn't matter if you use more product you will not get a better effect.

Going In The Wrong Direction

Another traditional mistake is applying their wax in the wrong direction. When you put hot wax on your skin, apply it in the direction the hair grows, and remove it in the opposite direction. This will get the root of the hair follicle along with the hair itself. And remember to pull your skin tight to avoid irritating your skin.

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