How To Remove Excess Wax From Your Skin

You’re looking good. Just finished a home wax hair removal session and, to quote Jessie J, you’re feeling sexy and free. But wait, what’s that? Leftover residue stuck to your skin? That will kill your good mood and your fierce attitude. So how can you remove this residue without irritating your skin and ruining your perfect wax? It’s easier than you may think and there are several ways to do it without running to a salon. 

What do you do when a wax hair removal product sticks to your skin? We’ll show you what you need to safely remove wax residue without harming your skin.

First, resist the urge to pick at it. This will only make the situation worse, and you could accidentally pull off your skin with the wax. In fact, because this wax cooled while in contact with you, it could be harder to get rid of than the hair you waxed away. Instead, start by soaking a clean washcloth in warm water and apply it to your skin for a few minutes. This should melt the wax and soften it so that you can try to wipe it away with the washcloth.

If the washcloth is ineffective against your wax hair removal product, it’s time to break out the oil. If you bought a kit that came with wax removal oil, use that. If not, you can use baby oil, coconut oil, massage oil, an oil-based lotion, or even olive oil. Check out waxup wax remover oil essential for removing wax residues and moisturize your skin.

Start by applying the oil to a cotton ball and then hold it against the wax on your skin. The oil should help the wax dissolve so that after applying it to your skin for 30 seconds to a minute you can wipe it away with the cotton ball.       

Once you have the wax off of your skin, it’s important to wash and moisturize. Many wax hair removal products dry out the skin and cause irritation. Counteract that by washing your skin with soap and water and then using a conditioning lotion. Again, if you bought a kit that came with lotion, use that.  

The best way to stop wax from sticking to your skin is to prevent it in the first place. The day before you wax, apply a moisturizer and keep your skin hydrated but not greasy. Then, right before you wax, trim your hairs to between ¼ and ½ inch. This will help the wax hair removal product stick to the hair and not your skin. And finally, make sure your wax is hot enough. It shouldn’t be scalding, but hot enough to be thin and easy to handle.

At-home waxing has a lot of benefits. You can do it in your own time, you don’t have to make an appointment, and you can approach intimate areas without embarrassment. The downside is that, without professional guidance, you may not know what to do when something happens, like wax residue sticking to your skin. That’s why, at Best Beauty Solution, we want to give you the products and advice you need to successfully wax yourself in the comfort of your own home.

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