How To Pick A Professional Waxer

When it comes to finding the right person to trust with your waxing needs, you need to do your research. After all, you’re literally putting your skin in their hands. Before you go to a new waxer or salon to take care of your waxing needs, here are a few things to consider.

Waxing Equipment Cleanliness

When you walk into a waxing salon, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “is it clean?” The entrance should be inviting and spotless without any trash and clutter visible, and the staff should look put together. In the waxing room, it’s important that the bed has new sheets on it, whether fabric or paper, and that all of the waxing supplies are neat and tidy. 

Waxing Supplies Quality Products

Part of picking your professional waxer is selecting someone who uses high-quality waxing products, such as Depimiel, that are stored and used hygienically. Your waxing professional should always either wash their hands or put on gloves before starting your procedure, and the hard wax should never be reused. If your technician uses wax strips, make sure they are new and disposable.  

Fully Licensed Waxer Professional

Other than relying on the opinions of others to choose your waxer, you also want to be sure they are qualified to do the job. Check that the technician’s waxing license is on display and current before undergoing any procedure. Another good question to ask is if they specialize in a certain type of waxing, like Brazilian wax.

Your Personal Waxing Preference

If you find that, for any reason, you’re not feeling comfortable with a particular waxer or salon, don’t feel like you have any obligation to continue using them. Maybe your personality clashes with the waxer, or perhaps you aren’t fond of the brand of waxing supplies they use. No matter what, your comfort is a top priority and you shouldn’t give your business to anyone who doesn’t put you at ease. 

Always Look for Reviews from past Waxing Customers

Once you know that the waxer you’re considering is licensed, uses quality waxing supplies, and maintains high standards of cleanliness, the next logical step is to look at reviews. This is a good way to get a better picture of the waxer or salon you’re thinking of using, and if you’ve had someone recommended to you, you can see what others have to say too. One word of warning – there are many fake reviews online so use your own judgment to pick the right one.

You're ready to find the right professional for your waxing needs make sure to check for cleanliness, high-quality waxing supplies, verify licensing, most importantly get a feel for the waxer and make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. Resorting to Google and checking out reviews before driving to an establishment can save you time and discomfort. 

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