Brazilian Waxing Tips With Spa Quality Supplies

A Brazilian wax can make you feel free, clean, and extra smooth.

If you’ve been waxing for a while, you may be tempted to do your own Brazilian wax at home, and if you’re confident in your abilities, there’s no reason not to.

Not only will you save money by buying your own spa waxing supplies, but you’ll also save the time it takes to make an appointment and go to a spa to have it done. Here are some tips to help you get the best results for your at-home Brazilian wax.

1. Find Quality Spa Waxing Supplies

All spa waxing supplies we not created equal. When performing a Brazilian wax, you want to invest in a good hard wax, like waxup Honey Hard Wax Beans. It’s ideal for sensitive skin, and what skin is more sensitive than your bikini zone? With 100% all natural ingredients, this hypoallergenic wax has a lower melting temperature to reduce the risk of burns and is perfect for delicate areas. 

2. Let Your Hair Grow between waxing sessions

Many people run into problems waxing at home simply because they haven’t allowed their hair enough time to grow back between waxing. Your hair should be no less and ¼ inch long so that the wax has something to grab on to. If not, you can risk burns, tearing your skin, and infections.

3. Pre-Clean the area before applying wax

Before you start to wax, shower and lightly exfoliate your bikini zone. By doing this, you’re bringing more hair to the surface and removing dead skin so that your waxing session will be more effective.

4. Grab a Mirror

Along with your spa waxing supplies, it’s a good idea to get a mirror so you can see everything. Find one that you can prop between your legs or that stands on its own.

5. Get Waxing

After heating your wax and testing the temperature, apply it in the direction your hair grows starting near your naval and moving out. Once the wax has hardened, pull your skin taut and rip the wax off in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Then just keep going until you’re done. Remember not to apply wax to the same place twice as this could irritate your skin.

6. Post Care

Now that you’ve finished your Brazilian wax, it’s very important to make sure all of the wax is off of your skin. Applying a post-waxing gel or lotion to your skin will get rid of the excess wax as well as soothe your skin. Check out waxup skin care products 

Now that you know our top tips for Brazilian waxing success, the first step is to find your spa waxing supplies.

At Best Beauty Solution, we have everything you need, from waxes and warmers to lotions and gels, so you can wax your hair away and feel the incredible smoothness of a Brazilian wax.

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