Body Waxing Supplies For The Smoothest Summer Ever

It’s finally summer! Time to put away those cold weather clothes and get ready for the beach. But wait – have your clients been hibernating all winter? Help them get bikini ready with professional body waxing supplies from Best Body Solution. With professional waxing kits from Depimiel, you’ll have everything you need to keep your clients smooth all summer long.  

When it comes to professional body waxing supplies, Depimiel is a brand you can trust. 

With high-quality ingredients for reliable results, their professional kits were designed with professional waxing specialists in mind and are the perfect addition to any waxing salon. It’s also an excellent way to experience a variety of Depimiel's products at an affordable price.

The Depimiel Professional Waxing Kit is a complete kit that includes 6 Units of Depimiel Soft Wax Roll-Ons 3.52 oz. The best part is that you can pick from one of four different blends.

  • The Original blend, which has balanced grip, making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • The High Contact With Honey Blend, which is perfect for deeply rooted, coarse hair.
  • The Passion Fruit Blend, which is made from pure Passion fruit extract and keeps skin moist while providing elasticity.
  • The Papaya Blend, which is made from papaya seed oil and acts as a tissue regenerator and moisturizer while also providing elasticity and resorting a natural glow.

    Along with the actual wax, the Professional Waxing Kit also comes with a plethora of other products, including

    • 55 yards of non-woven waxing cloth. This cloth is durable and was specifically designed to speed up the hair removal process and make it more comfortable.
    • Soft Wax Roll-On Warmer. Fast and efficient, this warmer heats wax to its optimum temperature without getting too hot. This makes it more touchable and less likely to burn the skin.
    • Pre-Waxing Lotion. This softens the skin and removes oil and dirt so that the wax adheres better to the skin.
    • Oil Moisturizing Gel. An almond-based oil that removes any wax left on the skin without leaving an oily residue.  
    • Post-Waxing Gel. Made with chamomile and menthol, this soothes and relieves the skin with a cooling sensation.


      After you’ve used up your professional body waxing supplies, it’s easy to restock with Depimiel’s Professional Waxing Kit refill. It comes with everything in the professional waxing kit except for the warmer. That way, you don’t have to spend extra money on a warmer you already have, and it also gives you a chance to try their other wax blends.

      During the summer, your clients want to stay smooth so they can show off their bikini bods. Find the supplies you need at Best Body Solution and help them stay smooth while having fun in the sun.

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